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Art Exhibition by Warren Heaton

1 – 25 August 2017

“The more I paint outside, the more authentic and legitimate the experience feels. In this way I am working out my own responses to nature. The immediacy of painting directly from nature allows me to react in a more intuitive and carefree way. With the aim, I hope, of bringing a more painterly and searching feel to my work.

If you don’t paint in the rain in Pembrokeshire, you don’t do a lot of painting outside!!

Trying to capture nature’s ever changing light has its own inherent challenges, and painting outside in Pembrokeshire in the wind and rain has its own fair share too! Working outside certainly forces you to confront and revaluate your artistic ego, you paint on nature’s terms and you crack on. However, it is not without its rewards, as not one day is ever the same, and there is always some subtle play of light or colour effect I long to capture, whether it’s scudding grey clouds, blushing briefly in a setting sun or a heaving south westerly swell engulfing the rocks below or the delicate harmonies of blues and greys on a rainy day. It stands to reason that you certainly notice more the more time you spend in one place… looking.

My work in progress is to produce paintings that reveal a freshness and energy I feel when I ‘get out there’. But I also want to convey a sense of the longing we feel when presented with the beauty of nature, whatever the weather.”

‘Meet the Artists’
Tuesday 1 August 6.00pm – 8.00pm
You  are cordially invited to join a Private Soiree at Picton Castle to meet our artists of the month and have a special viewing of their work which will be exhibited here until 25 August.

This event is by personal invitation only. There is no charge to our invited guests, however in order that we may add you to our Guest List, we would kindly ask you to respond, with numbers attending, as follows:

RSVP to Picton Castle & Gardens
Tel: 01437 751326
E–mail: info@pictoncastle.co.uk

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