Picton Castle and Gardens

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Bentley Drivers Club Display of Cars

Castle Forecourt

11.00am  – 4.00pm (tbc)


Bentley History spans three centuries. From 1919 to 1940, all Bentleys to leave the factory, either Cricklewood up to 1932, and Derby from 1933 until the Second World War, were delivered as rolling chassis to the customer’s chosen coachbuilder, there to be fitted with a unique body of their choice. The first Bentleys to be built complete with a standard body design, were the first MK VIs, which started rolling off the new production line at the Crewe works in 1946. However, customers could, if they so chose, and still can, request customised variations from a coachbuilder.

Today we are expecting to see about 60 of these classic cars!




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