Picton Castle and Gardens

Things to do

Mysterious Islands – Interactive Storytelling Show

This August Picton Castle Gardens are thrilled to present “Mysterious Islands”. On Tuesday 6th, 13th and 20th August embark on an exhilarating adventure with The Storymaster’s Tales. Sail the seas, discover treasure, and encounter mythical monsters in this unique interactive storytelling show. Where the audience shapes the story’s fate, with audience participation, puppets, and games, get ready for a show that will captivate and enchant you from start to finish.

Performed by best-selling author and game designer Oliver McNeil, these interactive adventures will take place at 12pm and 2pm. There is no additional charge, simply book on to your preferred time slot on arrival at the ticket office.

Fairy Door Trail

Peach House Wood is an enchanting place where lots fairies have built their homes. All little visitors to Picton are invited to explore this woodland fairy trail. Each fairy house is built under a special tree and you will learn about these trees too. A trail for young and old, please ask for the free Fairy Door leaflet on arrival at the Ticket Box.

Adventure Playground, Jungle Board Walk and Maze

Younger visitors will find lots to do in the exciting adventure play area and adjacent jungle garden. The jungle boardwalk allows children and adults alike to take an exciting journey through the Gunnera and woodland plantations and the whole family can have a go at finding their way around the maze!

We had a lovely day exploring the grounds of the castle. The castle is surrounded by some pretty well established woodlands with lots of little natural areas for children to explore. The playground was brilliant. It was all built from wood and blended effortlessly into the surroundings. My toddler thought he was in a real castle with a slide and loved balancing his way around the jungle and going through the maze.

Trip Advisor September 2019

Seasonal Activities

We have a variety of different seasonal activities available for families throughout the year. From Welly Walks in the Winter, to puzzle days and lawn games in the Summer. Many of our activities have wildlife or historic themes and can be shared by the whole family at your leisure. There are activity and information sheets to help get the most out of your day. Activities are always offered within your admission and never involve any additional cost to take part.


Geocaching is a type of worldwide online and real world treasure hunt. We have 4 caches in the gardens for you to find. You will need to download the geocache app onto your phone or other GPS enabled device and then can search out the treasure. They are disguised as simple items you might find in any woodland and inside you will be able to record your discovery and note on the website online if you wish.

Horticulture Courses Pan Tropic Courses – Lead by Surya C. Davies

All courses are delivered by Pan Tropic, lead by Surya C Davies. They must be booked in advance through the Pan Tropic website and he cost includes a day admission to Picton Castle Gardens. All inquiries about the content of the courses should be directed to Pan Tropic via their website www.pantropic.co.uk, phone, on 07852 332831 or email info@pantropic.co.uk

Grow Your Own FoodSaturday 3rd August, 11:00am £45 (2 Hours)

Learn how to plan a full year of food production, when to order seeds and sets. This course is aimed at beginners looking to set up their own vegetable production, from a small garden space to a small holding. Gain all the knowledge needed for your first year of fruitful production.

Book online – https://pantropic.co.uk/bookings/ola/services/grow-your-own-food

RHS Pruning Groups – Saturday 17th August, 11:00 am £45 (2 Hours)

This two-hour course provides an introduction to the RHS pruning groups specifically for shrubs and small trees.

Book online – https://pantropic.co.uk/bookings/ola/services/rhs-puning-groups

Bonsai for Beginners – Sunday 15th September, 11:00 am, £55 (2 Hours)
Embark on your Bonsai journey and discover the joy and satisfaction of cultivating these living works of art. This course includes bonsai stock, wiring materials, and a training pot.

Book online – https://pantropic.co.uk/bookings/ola/services/bonsai-for-beginners-outdoor

Composting – Friday 27th September, 11:00 am, £35 (2 Hours)
Learn the essentials of composting at home, including setting up a compost bin, what can be composted, and how to use compost in your garden to improve soil health.

Book online – https://pantropic.co.uk/bookings/ola/services/composting

Tropical House Plant Care – Saturday 5th October, 11:00 am, £45 (2 Hours)
Participants will learn about the care of tropical house plants, including their need for humidity, correct watering techniques, appropriate lighting, and soil preferences.

Book online – https://pantropic.co.uk/bookings/ola/services/tropical-house-plant-care