Picton Castle and Gardens

Visiting Artists

Throughout October the Courtyard Gallery is featuring an exhibition of work based around the theme of Halloween, fables and fairy tales by Brett Breckon, Ilona David and Mhairi Treharne.

The Studio Gallery is featuring an exhibition of work by Janet Chaplin, Lloyd Roberts and Graham Hadlow.

Graham Hadlow

A Yorkshireman by birth, Graham studied Creative Design at Loughborough College of Education. In 1970 he joined the staff at Greenhill... read more

Mhairi Treharne

Born in Toronto in 1989 to a Scottish Mother and Welsh Father, I was raised in Haliburton County, in rural Ontario Canada. I have exhibited... read more

Lloyd the Graffiti

Lloyd is a self taught graffiti artist who first began experimenting with spray paint during the 1990’s. His first experience of graffiti... read more

Janet Chaplin

Last year I was delighted to exhibit at Picton Castle and Gardens with a large collection of seascapes during the month of August.  As... read more

Ilona David

Ilona was born during WWII in Bath to a Hungarian mother and an Irish father. She grew up in the austere world of ration books and the... read more

Brett Breckon

Brett Breckon – Picton Castle Courtyard Gallery Halloween Exhibition 2021 Although the young Brett Breckon sought to make art his... read more