Picton Castle and Gardens

Visiting Artists

Ray Burnell and Judy Maynard

RAY BURNELL until end September in our Courtyard Gallery

This summer season at Picton Castle we are delighted to welcome back artist Ray Burnell, who will be exhibiting his glorious artwork in our courtyard gallery until 30th September.

Ray is originally from Devon, but moved to Pembrokeshire 18 years ago. As a welsh language learner, Ray is interested in in the links between landscape, history and language.


Ray mainly paints in oils, but has begun to experiment with mixed media art to add interesting textures and abstract shapes to landscape painting.

“Take just one look at Ray Burnell’s stunning landscapes and you might start to feel a gusting wind sweeping across the canvas…stare for a bit longer, and you’d be forgiven if you imagined his colourful, cloud-draped skies almost seeming to glow of their own accord.

What’s his secret?

Ray heads out one day a week during the spring and summer, finds a good location for his easel, and paints en plein air, capturing the living heart of the land in his brushstrokes.”

Dan Duhrkoop- Editor of EmptyEasel.com



JUDY MAYNARD during September in our Studio Gallery

“After living & working in Surrey & Buckinghamshire, we recently moved to Wales where I continue to be inspired by the beauty of the natural world around me.  My background in Art History provides me with plenty of artistic inspiration to help reinterpret the beautiful products of creation I observe.  My work in art education, using a wide variety of media, has helped me appreciate the various qualities of the different materials and has developed within me a desire to allow the materials to have their own ‘voice’ in the images I create.

This solo Exhibition contains a wide sample of the varied media and techniques I have used over the years. The earlier acrylic work provides larger, colourful statements; these occasionally incorporate collage work to add substance and texture.

During the last three years I have gravitated towards creating more delicate illustrative work. I have enjoyed using pen, watercolours and vibrant coloured inks in the flower and bird images I have produced.  Most recently I have incorporated some collage in the Arts and Crafts inspired series of floral illustrations.”

Her Studio Gallery Exhibition is entitled:

“A Journey through Time and Technique

After a career teaching in secondary and adult education, I have been able to pursue my own creative passions. The journey has involved working in a wide variety of media.

This small exhibition showcases just a limited amount of the different techniques and materials that I have used over the last 15 years.

The acrylic and collage work has been inspired by the many places I have been fortunate to visit.

More recently I have pursued areas of art and illustration which I love – botanical and ornithological images. These works have been executed largely using watercolor, ink and pen.

I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I have enjoyed illustrating aspects of God’s beautiful creation.”