Picton Castle and Gardens

Belinda Bean

 ‘A different way of looking at life’s simplicities’ is how Belinda has previously described her work. Her muse the beautiful coasts and caves of Wales, the artist chooses to ignore traditional ideas of allure, embracing the aberration, the crookedness, and the uncertainty of nature. Where the natural world fails to be flawless is where Belinda is her most inspired, fervent  in her intent of capturing ‘inadequacies’, beautiful in their own right – encapsulating the enriched and dramatic atmosphere of the welsh coast . Belinda’s art, in its portrayal of landscapes bearing the scars of time with pride, tells the enthralling tale of a country renowned for its myth and its mystery. It is not hard to see, when observing her work, the power and strength of the simple and often over-looked; in Belinda’s monochrome depiction of Pembrokeshire and beyond, time stands still, view her art to see Cymru in an entrancing light.

Her work exhibited at numerous venues around the country, a lecturer of photography for over twenty years and possessing a Master’s Degree in Photography, Belinda is a Pembrokeshire based photographer specialising in fine art and event photography. Photographic work is available to purchase; prints, canvases and cards.