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Brett Breckon

Brett Breckon –

Picton Castle Courtyard Gallery Halloween Exhibition 2021

Although the young

Brett Breckon sought to make art his life and career fairly early on in his school years, he couldn’t quite believe it might actually work out that way when, in 1980, he graduated from Newport College of Art and took his portfolio out into the big wild world seeking work as a freelance illustrator. Forty one years and thousands of illustrations and pieces of art later and he still cannot really believe his luck as he finds himself making new images on a daily basis, and he wonders if he will ever get a real job. He treats every commission or every new image, as well as every day, as if a part of an ongoing apprenticeship. He certainly still learns new things about his work all the time. The world has changed more than he has in all the years since his graduation, and what the world asks of him has changed, and so, like everyone else, he has evolved – as has his work. Evolving meant trying different methods of working, leading to a mixed portfolio of mediums. And the range of his subject matters has broadened – all a necessary part of surviving as a self-employed freelancer. But his desire to always put quality at the heart of what he does and what he aims to do hasn’t wavered one bit, so that a piece of his work from 1980 still sits harmoniously with a piece from 2021 even if they are poles apart in their respective geneses and probably also in their methods of creation.

The pieces of Brett’s work in this exhibition span pretty much the last two decades, roughly half of his career to date. They draw heavily from pieces done within the Welsh publishing scene, where history, myths and legends, along with modern fiction, have kept him enthralled and entertained, imagining and creating the images as pages and pages of words engulf his mind. Some of the pieces are self-originated works of art where machines or motorcycles mix with the myths, but each one still seeks to encapsulate a world that goes beyond a first encounter with the image placed before the eyes of the viewer, with hopes to suggest a whole universe of meaning to be found. Perhaps that is why he has drawn so many stars. Don’t count them, you would go as mad as he is.