Picton Castle and Gardens

Judy Maynard

A selection of Judy Maynard’s originals and prints will be displayed in the Studio Gallery throughout the summer.

Born in the fair city of Dublin, I have lived most of my life in England.  With a degree in History and History of Art, I taught Art to secondary students for many years and then to adults. 

Moving to the depths of West Wales in 2017 has given me freedom to pursue my own creativity.  The beautiful environment in which I now live provides much inspiration.  I appreciate the wonders, variety and beauty of God’s creation, and I have been drawn to delineating birds and flowers where I see new patterns, shapes and colours. A recent trip to Skomer Island provided further inspiration for rendering Puffins.

There is experimentation using different techniques and materials in my work. Over this last year I have enjoyed creating botanical images by combining collage, watercolour and inks to create unique, representational images.

I like the quality of the media I use to be evident in my pictures.  Every image is something of a new creation, not just a literal representation of what I see.  I like to feel I am reflecting something of the Creator in my own creativity.  And when that brings pleasure to others, it completes my own joy in this artistic journey.