Picton Castle and Gardens

Lloyd the Graffiti

Lloyd is a self taught graffiti artist who first began experimenting with spray paint during the 1990’s. His first experience of graffiti was through two seminal books ‘Spraycan Art’ and ‘Subway Art’ that a friends step father owned and many hours were spent trying to imitate the designs. When he moved from Pembrokeshire to Plymouth to study geology he soon became part of the flourishing local graffiti scene, which led to painting at events and festivals across the country. This passion remained a pastime for many years until in 2008 he decided to pursue it as his full time career.


Since setting up as Lloyd the graffiti he has delivered thousands of projects, workshops and commissions across Wales and England. From working with young offenders to Michael Sheen on his Passion play. Over this time the focus of his work has predominantly been large scale graffiti murals, however he was always looking for a way to start to create smaller gallery/exhibition suitable pieces that weren’t just a reduced scale version of the work he was already doing.


In 2014 Lloyd was approached by his old A-level Art Teacher to submit a piece for a 6×4” exhibition that was being arranged to raise funds for the art department. After much thought he decided to combine his passion for painting with his love of the Pembrokeshire coast and began his first attempts at capturing coastal scenes with spray paint. To begin with these were quite simplistic, then he began to make them as realistic as possible and once comfortable in this approach decided to widen his colour palette referencing his graffiti roots and attempt to capture the energy of a place rather than a carbon copy of it. If Lloyd’s not painting he’s surfing, which also influences his work and understanding of the energy of the coastline.


His graffiti roots have led Lloyd to have a very diy approach to exhibiting, arranging his first solo show at The Creative Common, Haverfordwest in 2016 as well as subsequent ‘Fresh Brew’ (2017) and ‘Get Wet’ (2018) exhibitions. As well as featuring in the Affordable Street Art Fair at the Boiler House, Cardiff (2018) and the Art On The Faith Trail, St Davids (2019). Most recently he was invited to have a solo exhibition at Picton Castle, Pembrokeshire (2021)