Picton Castle and Gardens

The Secret Owl Garden

Please note that to give the Owls a holiday the Secret Owl Garden at Picton Castle & Gardens was closed for the Winter & we are now fully open for Spring 2019 from Saturday Feb 23rd. We look forward to seeing you all  over half term and beyond

For details of admission prices, Private Experiences and Group Taster Sessions, visit our special website www.secretowlgarden.co.uk

I just wanted to thank you, my mum had a wonderful time with the owl experience the Lady that flew with her think her name was Amy, was lovely and answered loads of questions. She also loved her tour of the castle that we did afterwards, the guide was a wonderful gentleman who made the tour a real pleasure. Thank you to all involved for making my mums birthday a day to remember.

Sally Harris, December 2017

Visit Owls in their Homes

Our owls live in the Blue Bell Walk, which is a beautiful part of the woodland garden, covered in wild flowers. Hidden within the trees, each home is designed perfectly for that particular owl or pair of owls. Some of the owls live on their own, this is because they are what we call ‘hand-reared’ and think they are more like people. They come out and fly around the gardens every day, hoping to make new friends. Some of the other owls live together as they are ‘parent-reared’ and this is because they prefer to stay with their own kind and are hoping to raise a family of their own. You can visit all of the owls and learn more about them as you walk around The Secret Owl Garden.

Watch the owls fly

Throughout the day all of the owls that live in The Secret Owl Garden will be taking it in turns to have a fly around. They swoop from tree to tree and post to post, over the beautiful flowers, around the garden. You are able to watch them and see how differently they all behave. Orchid the Barn Owl will float effortlessly over your head, going around and around in circles, whilst Ozzy (the Rock Owl) will glide from branch to branch showing you how big he is. There’s even Dyson , our baby Indian Scops owl who is only 20cm tall and weighs 100g. You are sure to find a flying favourite on your visit.

Find ‘Fudge’

As you walk around the aviaries, make sure you look closely at each owl. Hidden inside their houses is a little stowaway. Fudge the Owl is very cheeky and likes to go and visit his friends. Every day he can be found hiding in a different one of the owls houses. If you find him make sure you tell the nice people in the shop ‘hoo’ he’s visiting today and they will give you a prize.

Fudges Trail of Hoo’s Hoo

Did you know that owl’s names change depending on which country you are in? Because of this, all of the world uses their Latin names so that we know who we are talking about.

Fudge thinks that you are all super clever so he’s made you a treasure trail to learn which owl is which. You can pick up your ‘hoo’s hoo’ adventure guide at the shop when you arrive. This will give you a map of the whole garden. Make sure you check all of the trees to see which ones the different owls are living in.

Fly an Owl

If you want to get even closer to an owl there are opportunities throughout the day to enjoy one of owl flying experiences. We offer two group sessions per day (max 10 people) where you can enjoy having an owl fly to your arm. If you really love owls and want to spend even more time and get to know them better you can book for a private experience where you and your family and friends can spend 90 minutes taking the owls for a fly through the gardens.