Picton Castle and Gardens


Picton Castle and Gardens remains closed to the public during the Coronavirus Pandemic. All our upcoming events have been cancelled for the foreseeable future, and weddings that fall within the next few months are being rearranged to either later in the year or next year. Our holiday lodges are closed and all bookings have been rearranged.

We are taking all the necessary steps to protect our staff during this difficult time, and we thank our season ticket holders and visitors for staying at home and keeping safe.

Here is a statement from our chair of trustees, Mr David Ellis:


“Like most places, Picton has effectively been mothballed for the duration of this crisis. Even though most of our staff are furloughed, certain key staff are remaining to keep the gardens and grass under control and key maintenance done in the castle and on the collections. This means that whenever we come out of lockdown, we are ready to reopen. Our Walled Garden project is also on hold, frustrating as this with the good weather which would have allowed this to move ahead quickly.

In this sad and worrying month when access to beautiful places would in ordinary times have been a great consolation, the loss of our freedom to visit places and inspiring scenery is a cruel additional blow. Like most people, however, we feel strongly that these sacrifices are necessary to keep everyone safe. We all look forward to the return of normal times. At times like these we realise how precious “normal” is!

With our gardens and grounds looking particularly photogenic in the strange, silent spring, we hope that our evolving pictures of emerging blossom and flowers will be of interest. We all look forward so much to welcoming visitors and friends back to Picton.”


We have set up a fundraising project through Crowdfunder UK, to help us financially during lockdown. Please have a look at our page and read about the rewards on offer:


By ‘Paying It Forward’, and purchasing your tickets to visit us today, you can receive a discount on admission price, and be safe in the knowledge that you are doing your bit to help our charity through this crisis.

We have also put together a special reward, a Winter Weekend Retreat in one of our beautiful holiday lodges, at a discounted rate of £199 for 3 nights. This will include a private tour of the castle, followed by refreshments in The Great Hall in front of our roaring log fire. A very special treat indeed!




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  1. Hi Murray, no not at the moment. We will keep our website updated with any changes to our situation so please keep an eye out. thanks, Katie

  2. Hi,
    Are you doing plant sales right now?

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