Picton Castle and Gardens

Dewpond, Dragonflies and Damsels…

On Tuesday, I had a lovely walk through the woodland paths, up to the beautiful Dew Pond with Sam, from the Darwin Centre. Dragonflies and Damsel flies were zig zagging about over the glittering water. I even saw a newly emerged nymph, with sparkling wings and awkward flight.

It was just so peaceful 😊

We also went into the beautiful Walled Garden, prompting a “wow” moment as we walked in! A group were picnicking on the grass, in the perfect spot: the cool shade of low hanging tree.

A very large turquoise Dragonfly was darting about patrolling his border, whilst 2 Damselflies were laying their eggs on the beautiful Water Lilies, currently in flower. The Sticklebacks and Goldfish found shade under their leaves. Sam found a large Water Boatman scudding about. Apparently they will even bite if provoked and it feels a bit like a bee sting. You really do learn something new every day at Picton 😊

We are looking into doing some Pond Dipping at Picton in Spring next year

Come and enjoy 😊

Lovely spot to explore & stunning walled garden!

We visited on our way back from St David’s to Tenby, and delighted we did. With 2 children under 5 we like outdoor spaces to explore and this certainly had that! We loved walking along the boardwalk, climbing on the climbing walls, using the slide and admiring all the beautiful flowers. Having visited many NT properties recently this definitely competed for beauty in the outdoors (we didn’t go inside the castle), the walled garden was absolutely stunning!…..” (TripAdvisor July 2019)


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