Picton Castle and Gardens

Welcome to the Welsh Owl Garden


We have great news to share with you that in the last couple of weeks we have welcomed our new owl family to Picton Castle!

Hidden in the woods along a secluded winding path, you will find the Welsh Owl Garden. The garden has 25 owls in residence of many different breeds, including Barn, Snowy, Eagle and Burrowing Owls. We have a few other types of birds which are equally amazing, including Kestrels and Hornbills. All of the birds fly free at some point during the day (weather depending) so you can see these most beautiful and gorgeous birds in a wonderful woodland setting.

Most of the birds have been reared and trained by their handlers here in Pembrokeshire. Many of the birds are living in mated pairs and we are hoping for a few furry chicks come the spring. There are other curious residents including, Wonky the Long-Eared Owl, who is a rescue owl and has been lovingly nurtured back to health. Indeed the strong bond between them and the handlers was demonstrated when I met Pirate the Hornbill who loves having his throat tickled and Percy the cheeky Spectacled Owl who decided perch on a topmost branch of the tallest tree he could find and refused to come down, not even for his favourite mouse snack!

You can simply wander around the Owl Garden meeting the birds and watching as they swoop through the woods and along the paths. If you wish you can even book a 1/2 hour group experience where you get to meet a number of the owls in a ‘up close and personal’ session. It is great to be able to share our woodlands with these wonderful owls.

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